NOTE- Ideas from this initiative will be one part of the whole event. The event would include eminent speakers from the city and also a great line up of thought provoking TED Talks!  The speaker line up would be mixed and wont be differentiated based on how they were selected.

TED is one of the most amazing things that have happened to the world in the last few decades and TEDx is undoubtedly a world wide phenomenon that has captured the imagination of communities around the world and managed to bring their ideas on the world stage.

Till date there have been 10,000 TEDx Events around the world, in 167 countries and  there have been an estimated 40,000 Talks through these events.  That’s 40,000 brilliant ideas that have seen the light of day thanks to TEDx events.Power of Ideas

We at TEDxNagpur are thoroughly convinced that while grit, determination and hardwork are the cornerstone to accomplishing a great task or change, what really drives this amazing change is the Idea at the centre of it.  As Leonardo DiCaprio famously quoted in “Inception” –  ” A singe Idea from the Human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the Rules.”

It is because we understand the power of ideas and because of our drive to effectively reach out to the people of Nagpur in a way that has never been done before, that we present – “TEDxNagpur Discover

The idea is simple. Irrespective of whether you are a well renowned person, or a nobody or someone in between these two, all you need to do is send us a video/audio/text of your idea at  And if we think the idea fits our event, we would get in touch with you and invite you to present your idea on the TEDxNagpur Stage. Each of these talks are recorded and shared on the TED/TEDx Channels with millions of subscribers across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube,, Android, ios, windows phone apps. That’s right, its an opportunity like no other!


Central to our event, are Ideas. That is – Ideas Worth Spreading.   Here is a brief on the kind of ideas we are looking for –
Ideas on –

  •  Nation Building
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Media
  • Citizenship
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Work
  • Activism
  • Human Rights
  • Women’s rights
  • Environment related
  • Medicine
  • Defense
  • Entertainment

Basically other than direct political propaganda, self promotion, promoting your business/product (exception if its really interesting or game changing) and pseudo-sciences, we are open to all sorts of Ideas.

Now what do we call an Idea?

We at TEDxNagpur have a much broader definiton of ideas. An ideas could be –

  • An idea for the future,
  • An inference that has not been drawn before
  • A collection of experiences that may or maynot be against conventional thoughts and ideas
  • A new technology or breakthrough that you have been researching or following. (You need not be at the forefront of it, but domain knowledge in the subject would definitely help, aided by research to back it up.)
  • A Performance. (Yes! Are you a Performer? Play an instrument like say the Violin? We would love to have you on our stage.)
  • First hand account of some life changing experience
  • Something related to the city, addressing problems or providing solutions.
  • Amazing Initiatives that you have undertaken or in the process of undertaking.
  • Using technology to solve a pain point in governance or everyday life hindrance
  • An insider account of say working in a govt, corporate or an interesting profession.
  • A different understanding of something that has been propagated through the ages
  • A discourse on history, civilization or something very interesting.
  • A call for change with reasoning and data to back it up.

This again, is not an exhaustive list. The only way to be sure is to mail us your idea. At worst, we’l tell you to refine it better and maybe attend our event to have a better understanding of what we think are great ideas.

But at its best, your idea reaches Billions of people, and creates an Impact in our community, country and the world, in ways we can barely fathom.


How do you present the idea?

Irrespective of what your idea is, what will make it really great is following it up with a Call for Action! Another thing that will really give it a punch is an amazing Name/Topic!

We strongly suggest that you check out atleast 5 TED Talks before you send us your idea. You can check them at If the idea you are submitting belongs to a particular genre, you should check out some talks from the same genre.

Please make sure you convey the full idea. We shall reject ideas with “.. and you shall know the solution to this when I actually speak on the TEDx stage.” No. We shall not.  We shall not entertain ideas that have been deliberately left incomplete.

Ofcourse, being a good speaker helps. But what helps more is a bit of practice before you send in the talk. Also, while we keep aside our Grammar Nazi hats and curate the talks strictly based on content, well written/composed content is always a pleasure to read.

So grab your phone, and this time, instead of talking a Selfie, take a small video of 3minutes and send us that amazing idea that has been brewing in your head and maybe we can put out something amazing for the world to learn/inspire from!


Format of the Mail

Nothing out of the way,

Send to –
Subject- [IDEA] Name of the Idea
Attachment- Audio/Video/TExt(200words)
Body- Content of the talk (if its in text and not a video/audio). A brief about yourself. And what do you think about TEDxNagpur.

That’s all Folks! We wish to see your ideas soon and hope to do our bit in getting great ideas out there!